Why fashion? Why academics?

I will begin my blog by stating how exciting this new venture is! I will not talk much about ‘me’ in this first post (that is what the ‘About’ section is for), but I will delineate what is the primary function of this blog. Later, I will explain what can you expect of it and my posts.

Fashion was one of my passions (I know, it is extremely cliché) when I was growing up. But ironically, I was not very fashionable. I am was a nerd. I always excelled in the academic part and it seemed my personality differed from that of normal ‘fashionistas’. I did not care. I knew what I wanted to do and whom did I wanted to be.

But lurking at the back of my mind was the always-impending thought of doing a PhD in History, just for ‘fun’. I loved the subject and I had become fixated in Scotland since my teenage years. It was when I read Macbeth by William Shakespeare that I knew that it was the medieval period I was interested in.

Lo and behold, I ended up studying both things, of course, after questioning the direction my life was taking while I was studying fashion in London. But that does not explain why would I want to do a blog about both things, if this is possible at all.

Because when I was still attached to my former fashion institution in London, colleagues could not understand why would a fashion designer have any other interests in life apart from fashion. Why would I like anything else? The fashion industry (this is a hint for all of those considering such industry for a career) does not allow you to have anything else in your résumé or CV that does not have to do with fashion. If you have other interests, your ‘passion for fashion’ is questioned.

Now, when I entered my postgraduate studies in academia, I found myself to be very conflicted. I had classmates who came from the top universities in the UK and the USA and had been studying English and History all of their lives… and here I was, ‘playing’ to be a medievalist. It was difficult but my passion was there. The course was a breath of fresh air from the ‘narrowness’ of fashion design. But again, academics could not conciliate how I came from fashion and now wanted to do medieval studies. One thing is to write; another, to design. Unfortunately, I found  out too late that the creative process was the same and that both disciplines, believe it or not, were not that different from each other.

The creative process, as I was explaining my sophomore students last week, is the same for academics and/or fashion. Here is a quick outline of said process and what it involves: The Creative Process

As you can see, the steps involved are (more or less) the same. What changes is the end result and the media used. Throughout the courses I am offering at the School of Fine Arts of Puerto Rico (Illustration courses), I conciliated this creative process and taught it to my students, because even though it is a fashion illustration class, students have to write a dissertation AND do a final collection based on it to get their BFAs.

Within this blog, do expect the following types of posts:

  1. Posts about fashion, especially fashion education.
  2. Posts about the creative process involved in fashion primarily.

I will also write reviews when appropriate. This risks to alienate certain members of my audience but I hope that, with time, people from different backgrounds with interests in both the arts and the humanities will find this entertaining, to say the least. Until the next time, adieu! xxx

PS: My first language is not English. If it so happens that you have found any grammatical or typing errors, please do let me know. I will kindly appreciate it!


2 thoughts on “Why fashion? Why academics?

  1. ktr says:

    This is an interesting idea to combine two big aspects of your interests and life. Looking forward to reading your posts.


  2. Thank you! I hope you enjoy my blog.


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