Book of Kells Collection- Update

I know it has been a little while since I have updated on my “Book of Kells” collection, but I have had so much going on!

Alongside my teaching and working independently on this competition, I am also working on a jewelry line, fixing problems with my PayPal (I always have problems with the damned PayPal account), and preparing to construct a new dress for a client.

It is more work than one would think it is!

As for the collection, I have developed the dress silhouettes further, as I only have to sew one (I might do more than one; I don’t know). I looked for more pictures of the Lindisfarne Gospels because they have a sequence of red dot designs encasing the handwriting that are mesmerizing and that I could reproduce with embroidery quite well. I probably won’t be using red as I want to keep a simple palette, but I do want the heavy embroidery stitches and the eye-catching trapunto.

Academically, I have had trouble finding information on literacy amongst monks and/or why would the monks transcribe incorrectly the Vulgate verses. I would like to know more about how the book was produced, if it was customary not to use a written version but to trust one’s memory when writing illuminated manuscripts. Then again, maybe they spent so much time and effort doing these fantastic illustrations that the Bible content became secondary.

Research, for whatever purpose it may be, takes a lot of time. I have to have it all ready by 30th June so I have to hurry up.

I have also been preparing for another class and I have taken to research on Rousseau, the French Revolution and fashion. I’m not precisely a fan of French stuff, apart from pastries and Dior, but one has to research just as much for myself as for my students.


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