Christopher Kane Resort 2012

Resort collections have arrived and what better way to kick off the fashion reviews than with Christopher Kane? Yes, Kane’s the new fashion darling, having jumped to international notoriety with his MA Fashion collection (2006), inspired by Versace’s lace dresses from circa early 90s. The collection won the grand prize and was shown at the Harrods window display after the show.

Anyway, Kane is known for his quirky inspirations, out-of-the-box combos, and borderline-tacky clothing. But Kane is not tacky at all. He manages to push boundaries with bravado but subtly (unlike some of his contemporaries, like Louise Goldin or Gareth Pugh). For Resort 2012, he got inspired by the prism and the rainbow it produces when it reflects white light. Some inspiration!

What we are offered is rainbow-patterned clothes with triangular shapes embedded in the construction (for example, sharp, triangular godets or raglan-cut sleeves), crisp silhouettes, some leather, pleated silver lamé and acid-like, fluorescent colors. The silhouettes are more figure-friendly with an abundance of A-line dresses and skirts, pin-straight trousers and the versatile blazer in a variety of colors and materials. Skirts are pleated and have a longer back, almost like a tail. Leather is also featured, preferred in a turquoise color. Jackets have no collars, lapels or buttons. I do not know how versatile can that be for working women, but it is a very different offering than what is out there!

Pleated, A-line rainbow dress with triangular, matching clutch. Some statement, huh?

Kane said to the press that the Resort collection (or pre-collection as it is sometimes named) gave him more opportunity to reach a wider audience and that he tried to include a bit of everything for every woman. Our hats off to him.

And from now on, I will add my own illustrations to the reviews. You can see the illustrations at

One of my illustrations of Kane’s 2012 Resort collection. This is a yellow blouse and trousers set with a silver lamé jacket (no lapels, collars or buttons)

Another illustration for this collection. Pictured are a raglan-sleeved blouse with a rainbow print and black sleeves and white trousers, along with a longer turquoise leather jacket.

My third illustration for this Resort collection. A-line dress with cap-sleeved, rainbow-printed fabric on the top and a pleated, silver lamé asymmetrical short skirt. The placket and collar on the top are also made of silver lamé.


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