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Basic sewing skills for undergrads

Basting stitches, image from thechestofbooks.com

As the new academic semester is about to begin next week, I will teach a basic sewing class for my BFA students. This is a new challenge for me, as I have never taught sewing or patternmaking classes, but also for the students, most of whom do not know how to sew. One important aspect to remember when beginning to sew is to always check for your sewing machine: most problems arise from it being incorrectly threaded. Next, always have spare pieces of cloth near you. If you need to adjust your stitch length or your tension, for example, do it in the spare cloth BEFORE trying it out on the final fabric.

These are just part of the numerous tips for new sewers and sewing students.

Others are:

1. Always have spare needles with you!

2. Have enough thread handy and wind your bobbins with the colors you’ll use beforehand. You’ll save much-needed time later.

3. Always baste curved pattern pieces, such as sleeves, before sewing them together. You’ll be happy you did!

4. Buy gross quantities of pins.

5. Put a pice of masking tape (preferably blue) to the 5/8″ mark on your machine (this is especially important on industrial machines) because it’ll guide you better so you can make straighter seams.

Do you have any other sewing tips to share? Let me know!

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“La moda española masculina y femenina y su influencia en Puerto Rico. (“Spanish fashion and its influence in Puerto Rico”) Conference panel at the Museum of Ponce.

Hey there!

It has been a long time since I’ve posted (almost two months!) but I have been really busy with plenty of professional development opportunities that have arisen.

One of these is a conference panel I’ll be part of at the Museum of Art of Ponce (Museo de Arte de Ponce), titled “La moda española masculina y femenina y su influencia en Puerto Rico. (“Spanish fashion and its influence in Puerto Rico”). This will be the 29th of March, so those living in Puerto Rico are most welcome to join! It is open to the general public and we’ll be giving a 10-minute presentation, followed by a panel discussion and answering questions from the public.

Here is the link for the Museum’s activities: http://www.museoarteponce.org/calendario/calendario-de-actividades/4/33/0/

And here is a link for the Museum’s latest exhibition, titled Del Greco a Goya: Obras maestras del Museo del Prado (“From El Greco to Goyo: Masterpieces from the Museum of El Prado”): http://www.museoarteponce.org/exhibiciones/futuras/3/43/


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